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This is the place to find out really old info about us, and see pictures of what we looked like ages ago - when we last remembered to update this stuff :D

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Airline Pilot Gets Higher Calling

Once upon a time, there was an airline pilot working for British Airways... It was David! And now he's a church minister.
What went wrong? Or was it all part of something bigger...

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Visit our Church!

Link: http://www.stlawrencechurch.co.uk

St Lawrence Church, Morden is where we go to church - and it’s a great place (well, we would say that!). Visit the website - or turn up on Sunday for the REAL experience.

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Sing David's Children's Bible Songs!

Yes, it's true - David writes songs for kids. "Maynard's Groovy Bible Tunes" is what they're called - click here for Children's Bible Songs!

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